This is your oppurtunity to work with us on a 1-1 basis. We are looking for clients who are extremely dedicated to to bettering their lifestyle and physique. No matter whether you are looking to get contest lean, trying to lose a little weight or gain some muscle tissue, Team PowerBuilding's packages will be perfect for you. If you're committed to the phase, we will deliver you a fully customised plan that guarantees success.


We have listed below what's included:


  • Fully Customised Training Plan 

  • Log Book App To Monitor Weight Progression

  • Set Meal Guide + Macros

  • Flexible Dieting Guide

  • Daily Macros

  • High Micronutrient Food Guide

  • Supplement Guide

  • Cardio Plan

  • Abs Plan

  • Strength Plan

  • 24/7 Contact via 'Whatsapp'

  • Weekly Check Ins via E-Mail

  • Unlimited Access to the Team PowerBuilding Members Site!



All of the above is monitored closely by us: tracking your progress, making adjustments and updating the plan when necessary. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or preparing for a big bodybuilding competition. Everything is fully customized so we will always have you covered! Join Team PowerBuilding now by choosing a package below... 


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